Sunday, May 17, 2009


o 2 eggs
o half a cup full cream milk
o half a cup mineral water
o a pinch of salt
o 1 table spoon olive oil
o some butter
o 125 g flour
In a large bowl beat the eggs with the salt and a bit of milk and some mineral water (a few table spoons of each). Pour the flour and mix together until the mixture becomes even with no lumps.
Add gradually the milk and the mineral water until you get the consistency of house paint (or custard, if you prefer). Add the oil and homogenise.
Add water later if the composition becomes too thick.

Heat a lightly buttered fry pan on high heat for a few seconds the scoop a bout 2 tablespoons (a quarter of a cup) of the mixture onto the heated fry pan, ensuring with a circular motion (pan in the air) that the composition covers the fry pan in an even, thin, layer.
Cook for 1 – 2 minutes until it becomes detached from the pan (check with a spatula after 30 seconds). The bottom of the crepe has to be light brown. Don’t over cook.
Turn the crepe on the other side. Cook for another minute or two.
Stack the crepes on a plate.

Later I will show you how to cook a two course meal using crepes.

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